Two candidates for the seat now available on the New Paltz Town Planning Board were interviewed on January 20, but with at least one candidate unable to appear, council members agreed to hold off on a decision for one more meeting.

Former Town Deputy Supervisor Kitty Brown, and current Planning Board member Amy Cohen, both spoke about their interest in this service. Brown is currently an alternate member, and is up-to-date with the necessary training. Additionally, Brown has served the community in a variety of ways over the past 40 years. Cohen, having already served for one seven-year term, is intimately familiar with all of the current projects before the board, and noted that the seven members now serving enjoy a good working relationship despite not always agreeing on all of the details for any given proposal.

The supervisor did not say who else would be interviewed, but letters of interest are still being accepted via email to Cohen will continue unless and until someone else is selected as a replacement.


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Interviews opened for New Paltz Town Planning Board seat – Hudson Valley One

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