Bravo to David Wimer for his Dec. 28 letter about the Wilson arts center. It was full of facts and well-written, and I commend him for it.

I have been in front of the Wilson School Board for more than 10 years fighting ever-rising property taxes, which leave so many people having to sell their homes because they no longer can afford this barbaric tax. It’s a problem across this state.

A survey was never sent out to all current Wilson residents for approval. At the Dec. 20 board meeting, the superintendent stated that they don’t have to send one out because they sent one a few years ago to the parents of district students, and it was their decision.

If that is the case, then residents who do not have children in district schools should not be held accountable for paying extra taxes for the arts center in addition to new artificial turf fields and additional schools.
Parents who want this done should have their taxes raised.

It should be noted that in the presentation that evening district officials showed an inflation chart of 2017-2020, which was a period with a booming economy and almost no inflation.

They are lying to the public by not showing the inflation we have suffered over the last year, which is the highest this country has seen in about 40 years.

This project should be tabled until we have an economy we can work with.

Tammy Keener
Sinking Spring

Source Google News – Read the original article

Letter: It’s wrong time for Wilson to start building project – Reading Eagle

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