In 1988, the Town of Berryville and Clarke County began to investigate expansion of the Berryville corporate limits. Berryville was the county seat for Clarke County and the primary area designated for future population growth. Berryville and Clarke County chose collaboration rather than confrontation as a way forward in annexation discernment.

Now, more than three decades later, this then-unique experiment in cooperative land planning and development coordination has stood the test of time and represents a model that I hope the town of Warrenton and the county of Fauquier will consider.

I feel certain that representatives from the town of Berryville and the county of Clarke would be pleased to make a presentation to a joint meeting of the Warrenton Town Council and Fauquier Board of Supervisors regarding the 1988 Town-County Agreement Defining Annexation Rights (December 29, 1988). This town-county land planning and development coordination model incorporates a joint planning and development plan approval entity titled the Berryville Area Development Authority, composed of equal appointed membership from the town and the county.

As noted above, this collaboration between Berryville and Clarke County has been recognized not only as a rational annexation solution, but also as an exemplary cooperative town-county joint planning and human settlement pattern success.

—G. Robert Lee

Clarke County administrator, 1977-1990

Fauquier County administrator, 1990-2005

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LETTER: Town and county collaborative land planning – a better way forward – Fauquier Times

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