PORTSMOUTH, Ohio (WSAZ) – Building a skate park is a niche type of construction. Jake Schwartz says you often need skateboarders to help with the construction of these projects.

“If you don’t know how to ride what we’re building here, you’re not going to build it correctly,” Schwartz said.

Schwartz is the foreman of the construction site where the Portsmouth skate park is being built. He’s been working on the park since day one.

“It’s something that even the best, experienced, union flatwork might not be familiar with doing,” Schwartz said.

He’s helping to put the finishing touches on the long-awaited park. It is a project that has taken years of planning and months of on-site construction. The wait to skate is almost over. On Wednesday, crews applied liquid caulking to the surface. When it dries, the park will be ready to skate.

“When we decided to build the park in Portsmouth, we decided to build the best one in the region. By doing that, we knew that we would guarantee people from around the area would want to come here, skate the park, and visit our city,” said Councilman Sean Dunne.

Dunne and several other city officials have worked tireless to bring a skate park to the region. That’s why he is so excited to complete this project and start planning a grand opening.

“It’s great to see it come to life. We were very fortunate to get a great crew down here to put this all together from Spohn Ranch. Everyone driving by has noticed the great work they’re doing,” Dunne said.

Before a grand opening is planned, Dunne says they will need to complete some landscaping work around the park. They will be adding signage and installing a water fountain.

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Portsmouth Skate Park Project coming to life; crews apply finishing touches – WSAZ-TV

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