WHITE LAKE, N.C. (WECT) – The Town of White Lake recently released a survey to get feedback from residents and people who visit often to put together a 20-year comprehensive plan.

The survey will help the town’s planning board and town council gather info about what things will attract more people to the town — even during the offseason. This includes things like restaurants, shops and even different housing options for residents and visitors.

“The plan really has seven steps. One of those steps is the publics opinion and what the public wants — is it more shopping or better lake management as far as water quality? We’re here asking them what they want moving forward. Is it more residential stuff, is it more commercial stuff, more restaurants? All of that is the point of the survey,” said planning board chairman Jake Womble. “It really gives direction for the town council and the planning board moving forward to implement strategies and we’ll take steps that the public really wants moving forward, a 20 year plan that we’re discussing.”

Growth is always a big target when planning for the future, especially for business owners.

“For us it’s about growth, we want to grow but we also want to do it in a manner that keeps with our traditions, our core values,” Anna Stanley, manager of Resort Collections, said.

In conversations with neighbors of White Lake, there was a common want for the town — and it’s nothing town officials haven’t heard before.

“To me, the real issue, being an owner, I’m not a renter, is the quality of the lake water,” Milton Senter said.

“The water quality is everything,” Susan Jackson said. “That probably is our number one. We try to do our little part but we’re hoping for an overall result with that.”

Both Jackson and Senter grew up coming to White Lake and now live there year round, and they want to see positive outcomes from the town’s survey and comprehensive plan.

White Lake Town Council adopted an amendment last month that’s essentially a strategic plan for lake management — which creates a bigger focus on the solution to improving water quality. But the aim of the 20-year comprehensive plan doesn’t stop there.

Other people hope to have a completed walking and biking path around the lake, and some would like to see more restaurants and shops open year round.

Susan Jackson says she’s enjoyed having some places open year-round.

“The new restaurants that are trying to stay open all year and over at Goldston’s having activities for the year has really been nice,” she said. “It’s more important to me now that we have it than I thought it maybe would be. It’s been a really fun winter to get to see people and not feel like the season shut down and then it’s gonna open back up.”

But Senter says he isn’t so sure that year-round businesses will last in White Lake.

“I don’t know if new restaurants and things of that nature, if it’s going to be enough to be able to be supported financially,” he said. “I can’t answer that, I’m not a business man, but in terms of what I would like to see, yeah I’d like to see more restaurants. I don’t know whether it would be supported well enough financially, that’s my biggest question.”

Town officials and business owners like Stanley and Womble are looking forward to the sustainable growth that this comprehensive plan will bring to the community.

“We want to hear those opinions, that information so that we can better ourselves,” Stanley said.

Click here for a link to the survey.

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